David James Alexander LMT

David has been a medical provider in the Tampa Bay area since 1996. He is a mentor to many was an educator at a Florida State licensed massage school. He taught  anatomy and physiology, patient evaluation, supportive modalities, state law and ethics, insurance billing and evaluated students in the clinical laboratory.

Besides treating patients at his clinic setting, David is a Florida board of massage continue education provider and is the owner of Manual Integrative LLC, where he teaches his passion for manual therapy.

David's tool box of techniques to achieve therapeutic outcomes are muscle activation, myoskeletal alignment, muscle energy, neuromuscular, soft tissue and joint mobilization, strain-counterstrain, deep tissue, and stretching such as passive, active isolated, and  proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.

Sana Therapy Technique has been developed by David for over 20 years. Knowledge of muscle actions, contractions, locations and nerve innervation is essential to properly perform this therapy. This technique utilizes the phenomena of reciprocal inhibition to release the antagonist muscle tissue while the prime mover  goes through concentric, eccentric and isometric contractions. This technique is useful to reduce muscle pain/spasm cycle an to increase range of motion. This therapy is appropriate for the majority of discomfort from muscles.

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